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Holistic Happenings & Hypnotherapy

A Safe Place to Heal your Body, Mind & Spirit.

Class Offerings

Customize your class . Do you like to have personal one on one attention,or do you want to experience learning in a group setting ? Pick what suits your needs and learning style.

Past Life regression-individual or group

Using hypnosis, you will travel to a Past lifetime and uncover patterns, information and insight relating to behaviors, emotions, relationships and life transitions. Bring a pillow. as a group or individual

Vision Board Class-Your Vision -Your Reality

Using Images ,words, personal photos ,memorabilia ,positive affirmations etc... You can create a personal event ,goal or set of goals to make into your own spectacular vision. You will come away with new Insight ,positive energy for manifesting your visible dream for the Here and Now. This class will have the support of discussion, meditation and positive affirmations to help you on your new path/journey. We will provide most supplies: vision board, tape, magazines, decorating supplies etc... You are responsible for personal photos and magazines of your choosing as well as other personal effects.

Goal setting with Hypnotherapy: individual or group 4 week course

Through the help of hypnotherapy, discussion ,written work and group support we will help you set realistic, attainable goals .Come with a few goals or one goal on which to work . We will weekly work on these goals or goal and support each other throughout the, coming weeks.


Reiki 1: Individual or group-

Training includes Reiki 1 attunement, History of Reiki, Reiki treatment, self-healing treatment, Hand positions, discussion and much more. Manual and certificate included. Dress comfortably and bring lunch. Class size is limited. CEU’s available.

Reiki 11: individual or group-

This training includes the Reiki II attunement to open channels further and to increase the Universal Energy flow. Learn and use the Reiki symbols, learn distance healing, and hands-on group healing. Reiki II Manual & Certificate included. Pre-requisite is Reiki I certificate. Dress comfortably. CEU’s available. $250

Reiki 1 for children

Students will learn about the history of Reiki. They will also learn hand positions through practicing on themselves and other students. Class time will involve discussion ,reading and other interactive curriculum .This class is meant to be both fun and informational for our children, Reiki is a much needed resource for our children today is an interactive class , students are asked to dress comfortably and appropriately. Students need to be a mature eight year old or

Cost $100

More to come ,We will keep you updated.